Welcome to the

Brayford Quay family

Accommodation Manager

Lesley Mawson

Lesley is the mother-hen of Brayford Quay, being the longest standing member of staff at Brayford Quay she has seen it all. She loves spending time in the garden with her Chickens and listening to David Bowie & Pink Floyd through the reception speakers.
The variety of our residents is what makes Brayford Quay special, and the reason I love what we do.

Assistant Accommodation Manager


Lizzie is a valued member of the Brayford Quay team and always on hand to offer help and support. When she's not out walking her dogs she's usually in the garage tinkering with cars
"Brayford was like a family to me when I was here - so it's amazing to be back again on the other side of the reception desk"



Steve is part of the furniture at Brayford Quay (not just because he fixes most of it), he loves a bit of DIY (of course) and supports Liverpool FC. You'll find him watching Benidorm on TV or listening to Green Day & Oasis - mostly with a cup of strong coffee.
There's a lot I like about this place, I couldn't put it down in one sentence!

Cleaning Staff

The Cleaning Team

Our Cleaning Team is made up of Sarah, Brenda, Sarah (again) & Phil and have been with Brayford Quay spanning the last 16 years. They know every corridor and room at Brayford Quay and love to talk about everything from the Golden Compass to Gangster Rap.
Get to know our cleaning team, don't be shy, just say hi!