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What's student life like at a University in Lincoln City Centre?

It is always important to have a proper home away from home in your student digs, and this modern student property is just that.Whether it’s or independent living you’d prefer, we’ve got it all. For those students who would prefer private bathroom and kitchen, ouroffer the perfect solution!

We provide you with large beds, en-suite bathrooms, plenty of storage and study space, high speed Wi-Fi throughout the buildings, and communal areas where you can sit and relax with your friends. All designed to help you study hard and recharge your batteries when you need to.

On top of all that you have city centre living on your doorstep. All of the amenities you could ever need are just a short walk away, as are the universities and colleges in the city. Student accommodation in Lincoln is never far from shops, cafes and restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and great public transport links. You’ll love living in Lincoln as a student.

A little bit About Lincoln
'Lincoln'  derives from the Iron Age Celtic Lindon, meaning pool by the hill; a reference to the Brayford pool
Brayford Quay is part of the Fosse Dyke Canal, a roman-built waterway believed to the oldest working canal in the country
Many of the names around Lincoln were coined by the Vikings as Lincoln was an important trading settlement
William the Conqueror ordered the building of a castle on the site of a roman fortress - the Castle behind Brayford Quay
Lincoln City Football Club was built in 1884 and the College of Art was built one year later in 1885.

About Lincoln

About Lincoln

A medieval town with a very modern look

From the stunning Lincoln Cathedral to the renown high-street, Lincoln has everything to offer for students from all walks of life. Brayford Quay is situated across the marina from the University, a short walk from the modern city centre and down the hill from the medieval castle & cathedral.

Why Choose Us

Best in-class facilities in Lincoln with a second-to-none staff

From blistering fast 250mbps WiFi & 500mbps wired-in, Smart TV's throughout and state-of-the-art Gym Equipment, Brayford Quay has the best-in-class facilities throughout Lincoln, looked after by our fantastic staff. We're constantly updating and staying ahead of the curve.


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